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Insights current affairs questions are based on daily PIB, The Hindu news articles and editorials. The recent 2015 Prelims has once again given more importance to current events, hence it is our efforts to leave no stone unturned to cover as many areas as possible from where questions can be framed which is relevant to UPSC civil services Preliminary exam.

The following current affairs quiz will help in facing General Studies Paper – 1 of UPSC civil services preliminary exam. Questions will be both conceptual and factual. Current affairs form the bulk of UPSC IAS exam preparation. Solving daily questions based on current affairs will help you both understand issues and remember facts better.

November QUIZ 2019

#1 1. The CM of which state launched its flagship scheme Kanya Sumangla Yojna in October 2019?

#2 2. India and Saudi Arabia signed how many agreements during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia?

#3 3. The US House of Representatives recently recognized the mass extermination of these people, conducted between 1915-1917 as genocide?

#4 4. The ICC has imposed a two-year ban on which among the following cricketers for failing to report a corrupt approach?

#5 5. World Cities Day is observed globally every year on?

#6 6. 2nd Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) will be hosted by which country?

#7 7. Which city will host the 2nd Assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

#8 8. Which country has recently signed an agreement to establish a high level strategic partnership council with India?

#9 10. Who has become the third Indian batsman to enter the top list in all formats of cricket?

#10 11. National Unity Day is celebrated in India on?

#11 12. The Union Government recently relaxed the norms for setting up Petrol Pumps. As per the norms, which companies will be allowed to run Petrol Pumps?

#12 13. Which among the following became the first kerosene-free district of Gujarat?

#13 14. World’s oldest known natural pearl was discovered off which city’s coast?

#14 15. Haryana Assembly Election 2019 was held in how many constituencies?

#15 16. The Ayurveda Palliative Care Unit was inaugurated recently in which city?

#16 17. Which State Government recently agreed to implement the Central scheme PM-KISAN?

#17 18. The Police Commemoration Day was observed across India on?

#18 19. Under Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath flagship scheme Kanya Sumangla Yojna, how much will amount Will be provided ?

#19 20. Who is the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir?




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