• Current Affair Quiz, 13th February 2020

    • February 13, 2020
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    #1 1. With which country, India has signed an agreement to upgrade the 50.58 kilometer long Ashuganj-Akhaura road into a 4-lane highway?

    #2 2. Who was elected as the new Chair of the Forum of the Election Management Bodies of South Asia (FEMBoSA) for the year 2020?

    #3 3. As per the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP)’s report titled “Climate and business partnership of the future: CDP India Annual Report 2019”, which country topped in the corporate commitments to science-based targets (SBT)?

    #4 4. Which bank has launched India’s 1st multilingual voice-enabled mobile banking application ‘All-In-One’ using which users can communicate with the chat–bot ‘Ask Lakshmi’ for their general banking queries?

    #5 5. Katerina Sakellaropoulou is the 1st Woman & 13th President of which country?

    #6 6. Where was the Vigyan Samagam, the India’s 1st global Mega Science Exhibition, that was organised by Department of Science and Technology (DST) & National Council of Science Museums (NCSM) held?

    #7 7. 20-20 formula is associated with?

    #8 8. How many long “Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Campaign”has has commenced across India with the aim of bringing various states into the thread of cultural unity?

    #9 9. Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Campaign has been launched by?

    #10 10. EAS (East Asia Summit) Conference on Maritime Security Cooperation 2020 was held in ?

    #11 11. The Hornbill festival was celebrated in which state?

    #12 12. Which edition of EAS (East Asia Summit) Conference on Maritime Security Cooperation 2020 was held in Chennai , Tamil Nadu (TN)?

    #13 13. How many members are there in EAS (East Asia Summit)?

    #14 14. Biplab Kumar Dev is the Chief Minister (CM) of which state?

    #15 15. Which of the following country is not a part of EAS (East Asia Summit)?

    #16 16. Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal (BBIN) group was formed in which year?

    #17 17. Ramesh Bias is the governor of of which state?

    #18 18. Who has been selected for the Lifetime Award by The International Olympic Committee?

    #19 19. 2020 summer Olympic is going to be held in which country?

    #20 20. Kaamya Karthikeyan, 12 years old, a class 7 student of Navy Children School (NCS) in Mumbai, Maharashtra, became the youngest girl in the world to climb Mt. Aconcagua. The Mountain Aconcagua is located in which country?

    #21 1. What is the new name of coronavirus?

    #22 2. Which company was named as the highest profitable PSU in Public Enterprises Survey 2018-19?

    #23 3. Which Indian hill station will host the National Winter Games from March 7, 2020?

    #24 4. The UNSC conducted a vote on resolution supporting ceasefire in which nation?

    #25 5. Which state has approved Ground Water Act-2020 to improve ground water levels?

    #26 6. Which Union Territory’s Lieutenant Governor recently launched a Financial Inclusion Outreach Campaign?

    #27 7. Who recently launched the ‘Step with Refugee’ campaign?

    #28 8. Which country revealed that it has ‘neutralised’ 101 Syrian troops?

    #29 9. Who among the following was recently selected as the best emerging female player of 2019 by FIH?

    #30 10. When is world pulses day observed every year across the globe?

    #31 11. Which state government has announced to ban CFL and filament bulbs from November 2020?

    #32 12. Which state government recently launched Mukhyamantri Pariwar Smridhi Scheme?

    #33 13. Who is the Delhi BJP President?

    #34 14. How many seats are there in Delhi Assembly?

    #35 15. Where will India’s 13th major port be constructed?

    #36 16. The Indian Navy launched which operation to help cyclone hit Madagascar?

    #37 17. Which Indian city has the world’s worst traffic, as per the Global Traffic Index?

    #38 18. Which Parliament has deferred its vote on anti-CAA resolution?

    #39 19. Which nation is the second biggest weapon producer after the US, as per SIPRI annual report?

    #40 20. Which state’s Disaster Mitigation & Management Centre won the Subhash Chandra Bose Aapda Prabandhan Puraskar 2020?


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