• Current Affair Quiz, 4th February 2020

    • February 4, 2020
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    #1 1. Where was the India’s 1st & biggest ‘walk-through’ aviary in Byculla Zoo inaugurated?

    #2 2. How many wetland sites from India were declared as Ramsar sites?

    #3 3. Nandur Madhameshwar was added to the Ramsar site recently, it is located in which state?

    #4 4. As per the, Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare’s 1st advance report for 2019-20, what is the estimated total horticulture production in 2019-20?

    #5 5. In which Indian city, India’s 1st underwater metro rail, that will run partly under Hooghly River will be completed by March 2022?

    #6 6. Which crop production’s 1st estimate for 2019-20 was released by the National Collateral Management Services Limited (NCML)?

    #7 7. Which state’s credit potential was estimated at Rs 90,395.69 crore for financial year FY- 2020-21 by National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD)?

    #8 8. Where was the 2 day National Tourism Conference held?

    #9 9. Which state government has partnered with National Innovation Foundation & organized the “1st ever Innovation festival”?

    #10 10. In which year was the Ramsar Convention signed to preserve wetlands of national importance?

    #11 11. Kobe Bean Bryant passed away recently. He was the basketball legend of which country?

    #12 12. Where was the India’s 1st Super Fab Lab inaugurated, that will collaborate with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States(US) to enhance the hardware industry?

    #13 13. How much percentage of North Eastern Council’s (NEC’s) allocation will be dispensed for new projects in deprived areas under the already existing “Schemes of North Eastern Council” ?

    #14 14. How many persons were awarded with Padma Vibhushan awards for the year 2020?

    #15 15. Which state won the Best Tableaux Awards under the States/Union territories (UT) category?

    #16 16. How many Ramsar sites are present in India as of January 2020?

    #17 17. Who was honoured with the Harit Ratna Award 2019 at the 5th National Youth Convention(NYC) in Raipur?

    #18 18. Which state displayed its tableaux with the theme ‘Land of Unique Craftsmanship and Culture’ during 71st Republic day?

    #19 19. Who is the Current Chief Minister of Assam?

    #20 20. _____ Republic Day of India was celebrated on 26th January 2020?


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