• Current Affair Quiz, 6th March 2020

    #1 1. Kannada novel Kusumabale has been penned by?

    #2 2. The two Days Conference on Enhancing Energy Cooperation in the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC) region, held at which country?

    #3 3. Which country tops on all energy resources by having 319,020 MT of coal, 600 MT oil, 45.5 TCF gas, 4,150 MT biomass and 145 GW hydro and 1,000 GW renewable energy respectively among BIMSTEC Region?

    #4 4. The Union Cabinet has approved the Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2020. The draft of the new bill has included the recommendations of 23-member Committee of the Rajya Sabha. Who is the Head of the committee?

    #5 5. Name the portal, which was launched by food processing ministry under the operation greens (OG) scheme to monitor the price of TOP (Tomato, Onion & Potato) crops?

    #6 6. TOP Crops stands for?

    #7 7. Tennis Player Maria Sharapova who announced retirement recently.She belongs to which of the following nation?

    #8 8. As per International Cricket Council’s (ICC) latest test ranking released recenlty who is the No.1 Test Batsman?

    #9 9. Mr. K P P Samy who passed away recently (Feb 2020) is the former minister of which Indian state?

    #10 10. India’s 1st Protein Day was observed on?

    #11 11. Van vihar national park is located in which Indian state?

    #12 12. Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (BTR) is located in which Indian state

    #13 13. Which is the Nodal agency for the implementation of PM-JAY?

    #14 14. Where is the Headquarters of Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) located at?

    #15 15. Where is the Headquarters of BIMSTEC located at?

    #16 16. Name the Indian State, which becomes 1st in the country to launch unified vehicle registration and 2nd to launch unified driving license after Uttar Pradesh?

    #17 17. Gangapuram Kishan Reddy (MoS – Home Ministry) has inaugurated National Cyber Research, Innovation and capacity centre at which Indian city?

    #18 18. Name the 1st National Democratic Alliance (NDA) state which passes resolution against National Register of Citizen (NRC)?

    #19 19. The 16th joint Ministerial commission (JMC) between India and Australia held at which Indian state?

    #20 20. The National Institute of Disaster Management (NIDM) organized the 1st ‘National conference on Coastal Disaster Risk Reduction and Resilience’ (CDRR&R) at which Indian state/UT?


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