• Current Affairs Quiz, 16th January 2020

    • February 3, 2020
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    #1 1. With which country, India participated in the naval exercise named ‘Naseem-Al-Bahr’?

    #2 2. Which edition of the Indian Science Congress (ISC) was inaugurated by Narendra Modi in Bengaluru?

    #3 3. Which Union Minister chaired the High Level Committee (HLC) that sanctioned Rs 5908 crore to 7 states from National Disaster Response Fund (NDRF)?

    #4 4. Which is the 1st North Indian & 5th Indian Railway Station that inaugurated Navigation facilities for visually impaired?

    #5 5. Where was the 107th edition of the Indian Science Congress (ISC) held?

    #6 6. Which state has celebrated the 4th edition of the Buxa Bird Festival 2020?

    #7 7. Which of the following is the 1st tri-dimensional expedition launched by Indian Navy in Maharashtra to promote the heritage of Indian Navy & to spread awareness about Coastal Security?

    #8 8. Which Indian city hosted the 1st Farmer’s Science Congress

    #9 9. How many States have finalized action plan for Agriculture Export Policy (AEP) to enhance exports?

    #10 10. Which organization has released a report titled “Market Study on E-commerce in India: Key Findings and Observations”?

    #11 11. Which is the 1st state in India that shortlist migrants from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan for eligibility under the new Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) 2019?

    #12 12. As per the 2019 Forest Survey of India (FSI) report, how much percent of India’s forests are prone to fires from 2004 to 2017?

    #13 13. Where did India has set up the New World-Class Facility center for training astronauts?

    #14 14. Which university will be conferred with the status of Institution of National Importance to a cluster of Ayurvedic institutions?

    #15 15. In which Indian city Annual festival of Madhavpur Mela will be held in April 2020?

    #16 16. Which Indian city hosted the 5th edition of Asia Pacific drosophila research conference (APDRC) for the first time in India?

    #17 17. Who won the “Cecil B. DeMille Award for 2019” during the 77th Golden Globe Awards?

    #18 18. Which country has renewed its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on cooperation in the field of electoral management with India?

    #19 19. Which city will host International naval exercise ‘MILAN’ in March 2020?

    #20 20. How many countries have signed Mutual Legal Assistance Treaty (MLAT) with India for cooperation in criminal matters in November 2019?


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