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    1. 50th Conference of Governors Concludes at Rashtrapati Bhavan
    2. 6th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’
    3. ‘Martyrdom Day’ of Guru Teg Bahadur
    4. Governance & public administration must serve as instruments to reach out to the deprived communities: Vice President
    5. All India Institute of Ayurveda Signs MoU with Western Sydney University Australia
    6. 172nd Defence Pensioners Adalat in Lucknow
    8. Army dedicates Goodwill Park to Late Naib Subedar Chuni Lal
    9. 11th edition of Agro Vision
    • Citizenship Act of 1955
    1. Arundhati Swarna Yojana
    2. BGB detains 22 people entering Bangladesh from India
    3. Hong Kong: Record numbers vote in district council polls
    4. Kolkata Test: India win by an innings, 46 runs against Bangladesh; Clinch series Two-Nil
    5. Under-15 Asian Championships: Indian wrestlers win eight gold medals at Chinese Taipei





    1. 50th Conference of Governors Concludes at Rashtrapati Bhavan



    • The 50thConference of Governors concluded at Rashtrapati Bhavan today (November 24, 2019) while laying emphasis on tribal welfare and issues related to water, agriculture, higher education and ease of living.
    • Five Groups of Governors submitted their reports on these issues, and deliberated and identified actionable points in which governors can play a facilitating role. The conference took keen interest in tribal welfare issue and pointed out that policies for tribal uplift had to be tailored in accordance with local requirements.
    • In his closing remarks, the President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind said that the discussions held by Governors and Lt. Governors proved to be a fruitful exercise. The participation of Ministries and NITI Aayog has helped in making these discussions focused and actionable. He was confident that many useful solutions would come out of the deliberations of this conference.
    • The President said that November 26 this year is the 70th anniversary of our Constitution. On that day a campaign will be launched to create awareness about fundamental duties among the citizens. He expressed hope that all Raj Bhavans will celebrate the Constitution Day in an effective manner and Governors will play a major role in creating awareness about fundamental duties among the people.
    • The President said that it is the fundamental duty of every citizen to protect the natural environment including water resources like forest, lake and river. It is also a constitutional duty to continuously strive for excellence in all areas for the progress of country. Individual and collective efforts for excellence in the areas of higher education, agriculture, inclusive growth and governance will give impetus to public welfare.
    • The President said that the post of Governor is the most important link in our federal system. Governors have a role in ensuring better coordination between centre and states. The President also made suggestions to governors to make their respective Raj Bhavans more interactive and accessible to ordinary people and representatives of different organs of the state.
    • While referring to gubernatorial post as having the colonial legacy of inaccessibility with common people, he urged governors to make conscious efforts to connect with people and dispel any such perception of Raj Bhavan being beyond the reach of the people.




    2. 6th Episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat 2.0’

    ·        My dear countrymen, welcome to ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Today’s episode begins with the young people of the young nation; their enthusiasm, patriotism and the sense of selfless service that envelops them. As you know, every year, the fourth Sunday of the month of November is celebrated as NCC Day. Generally speaking, our young generation is more likely to remember ‘Friendship Day’, without fail. But there are many people who, equally keep in mind NCC Day.

    ·        So let’s talk about NCC today. I too will get an opportunity to refresh a few memories. At the outset on the occasion of NCC, Day, I extend my best wishes to all NCC Cadets, both former & present. More so, since I too have been a cadet once; I consider myself to be a cadet even, today. All of us know that India’s National Cadet Corps, NCC is one of the largest uniformed youth organizations of the world.

    ·        It is a Tri-services organization comprising the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. NCC means, cultivating the qualities of Leadership, patriotism, selfless service discipline & hard work as an integral part of one’s character; the thrilling journey of imbibing them into one’s habits. To discuss more about this journey, let’s call up a few young people, who have made a name for themselves in the NCC. Let’s talk to them.

    ·        My dear countrymen, we should never forget that Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated on the 7thof December. This is the day when we pay homage to our brave soldiers, for their valour, their sacrifices; we also contribute.Only a sense of respect does not suffice. Participation is also necessary and every citizen should come forward on the 7thof December and everyone should possess the flag of the Armed Forces on that day; everyone should also contribute. Come. On this occasion, let us express our gratitude for the indomitable courage, valour and spirit of dedication of our Armed Forces and remember the brave soldiers.

    ·        My dear countrymen, by now you must be familiar with the Fit India Movement. CBSE has taken a commendable initiative of introducing the concept of ‘Fit India week’. Schools can celebrate ‘Fit India week’ anytime during the month of December. There are many types of events to be organized with regards to the aspect of fitness. This includes quiz, essays, articles, paintings, traditional and local sports, yogasana, dance,sports and games competitions. Students as well as their teachers and parents can also participate in the Fit India Week. But don’t forget that Fit India doesn’t mean just exercising the mind or making fitness plans on paper or merely looking at fitness apps on the laptop or computer or on a mobile phone. Not at allyou’ve to sweat it out. The food habits have to change. The habit of maximising focus activity should be inculcated.

    ·        I appeal to the school boards and management of all the states of the country that Fit India Week should be celebrated in every school, in the month of December. This will inculcate the habit of fitness in our daily routine. In the Fit India Movement, schedules have been drawn for ranking schools in accordance with fitness. The schools that achieve this ranking will also be able to use the ‘Fit India’ logo and flag. The Schools can declare themselves as Fit by visiting the Fit India portal. Fit India three star and Fit India five star ratings will also be given. I appeal that all schools should enroll in the Fit India ranking system and Fit India should become innate to our temperament. That it become a mass movement and bring awareness is what we must strive for!

    ·        My dear countrymen, our country is so large…so full of diversity. It is so ancient… that so many things just slip our mind…and that’s quite natural. But I do wish to share something with you. I happened to glance at a comment on the MyGov portal a few days ago. Mr Ramesh Sharma from Nagaon in Assam has written this comment. He writes, that a festival is being celebrated on Brahmaputra river. It’s called Brahmaputra Pushkar. This festival was held between 4th and 16th November, and people had come from all corners of the country to take part in this Brahmaputra Pushkar.  Weren’t you also surprised to hear this? See, that’s the thing, this is such an important festival, and our forefathers have fashioned it in a way that once you hear the full details, you will be even more surprised. But unfortunately, the extent to which this should have been publicized, the extent to which this information should have been disseminated to every corner of the country, it isn’t done. And it is also true, that this event in a way signifies the concept of one country-one message. And that we are all ONE. It fills us with that feeling, it energises us.

    ·        First of all let me thank Shri Ramesh for having shared his thoughts with the entire country through the Man Ki Baat forum. You have also agonized about the fact that such an important event is not adequately publicized, not discussed as much as it should be. I can empathise with you.

    ·        Not many people in the country know about this. Well, if someone would have given it the moniker “International River Festival”, or used some other highfalutin lingo to reference it, well then, it might have resulted in some sort of discussion around this topic in the country.

    ·        My dear countrymen, Pushkaram, Pushkaraalu, Pushkaraha. – have you ever heard these terms? Do you know what these are? Let me tell you. These are the different names by which festivals organized on 12 different rivers across the country are called. One river every year…that means it would recur on that particular river after 12 years…and this festival is held sequentially every year in 12 different rivers spread across the country …and it lasts for 12 long days. Just like the Kumbh festival, this too, encourages the concept of national unity.  And echoes the philosophy of “Ek Bharat-ShreshTh Bharat” (One India Best India)…Pushkaram is a festival in which the greatness of the river, the glory of the river, the importance of the river in our lives…all these are brought forth naturally.

    ·        They understood the importance of rivers, and tried to inculcate a positive mindset towards rivers in the society. They constantly strove to conflate the river with the cultural stream, the stream of tradition, and with the society. And the interesting thing is that, not only did it bring the society closer to the rivers, it also brought people closer to each other. Last year the Pushkaram was held on the TaamirabaraNi river in Tamil Nadu. This year it was held on the Brahmaputra river. Next year it will be held in Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka on the Tungabhadra river.

    3. ‘Martyrdom Day’ of Guru Teg Bahadur

    • The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind in his message on the eve of ‘Martyrdom Day’ of Guru Teg Bahadur has said :- “On the occasion of ‘Martyrdom Day’ of Guru Teg Bahadur, I respectfully pay my homage to him.
    • The ninth Sikh Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur dedicated his life to the betterment of humankind and to promote a sense of unity, service and fraternity in the society. He worked to alleviate the sufferings of the people and fought against oppression. For this reason, Guru Teg Bahadur is aptly called ‘Hind Di Chadar’.
    • Tegh Bahadur continued in the spirit of the first guru, Nanak; his 116 poetic hymns are registered in Guru Granth Sahib. Guru Tegh Bahadur prevented conversions of the HinduKashmiri Pandits[1][9] to Islam, and was publicly beheaded in 1675 on the orders of Mughal emperor Aurangzeb in Delhi for himself refusing to convert to Islam and saving Hindu Kashmiri Pandits and other non-Muslims or as viewed by Muslims that he was condemned to death for waging war but was offered at last moment that converting to Islam will save him, which he declined as he wanted to be in Sikh rehat till his last breath.Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib and Gurdwara Rakab Ganj Sahib in Delhi mark the places of execution and cremation of the Guru’s body.[12] The martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur is remembered as the Shaheedi Divas of Guru Tegh Bahadur every year on 24 November, according to the Nanakshahi calendar released by the Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee in 2003.


    4. Governance & public administration must serve as instruments to reach out to the deprived communities: Vice President

    ·        The Vice President Shri M Venkaiah Naidu today said that governance and public administration must serve as instruments to reach out to the deprived communities. He stressed that uplifting the poorest of the poor and empowering the marginalized sections of society were crucial elements in national development.

    ·        Speaking at the condolence meeting of late Shri P S Krishnan in New Delhi today, the Vice President said that civil servants such as Mr. Krishnan ensured that constitutional provisions and people-centric policies were implemented for the welfare of the people

    ·        The Vice President described late PS Krishnan a firm believer in protecting fundamental rights, ensuring social justice and empowerment of women and said that the late bureaucrat’s unwavering commitment and zeal to empower people were inspirational.

    ·        The Vice President lauded the efforts and contributions of Shri Krishnan in his long and distinguished career as an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) member in Andhra Pradesh cadre.

    ·        “He relentlessly worked for the empowerment of depressed classes and underprivileged. His work is an elegant testimony of his single-minded devotion to the cause of the deprived and exploited,” VP said, adding that the biggest tribute to this great man would be follow his path and actions.

    ·        On the occasion, the Vice President recollected Shri PS Krishnan’s role in crucial legislation such as Constitution (65th) Amendment Act, 1990, vesting constitutional status in the National Commission for SCs and STs and, the Employment of Manual Scavengers and Construction of Dry Latrines (Prohibition) Act, 1993 and others.

    5. All India Institute of Ayurveda Signs MoU with Western Sydney University Australia

    ·        All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Western Sydney University, Australia at New Delhi. The MoU will promote the collaboration in research and developing guidelines for integrating Ayurveda principles with modern medicine.

    ·        Professor Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor, Western Sydney University, Australia and Prof. Tanuja Nesari, Director, All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) signed the Memorandum of Understanding on 22nd November during the visit of the delegation led by Dan Tehan, Minister for education, Australian Government. The signing ceremony took place at Ministry of AYUSH.

    ·        The memorandum was agreed and exchange on the occasion of the event “India Australia International Education and Research Workshop” at Ambedkar International Center, New Delhi. The exchange took place in presence of Shri Ramesh Pokharial, Human Resource Development Minister and  Dan Tehan Minister for Education, Australian Government along with H.E Ms. Harinder Sidhu Australian High Commissioner to India.

    ·        “Both Institutions are committed to take the collaboration to the next Higher Level by identifying specific areas for collaboration in education, research and practices of Traditional medicine while ensuring the quality standards and also by encouraging investment in traditional medicine related infrastructure. Complementing the Traditional Ayurveda Medicine with conventional concepts of Modern Medicine is expected in generating scientific evidences that further help in contributing to the global healthcare”

    ·        India is a priority country among Australia’s international partnerships. The signed memorandum is another milestone in the history of health care industry. Combining data-driven precision based technologies and Ayurvedic medicine will be a valuable contribution to the current goals for providing a better and safe health care system to the Universe, specifically towards developing a safe and effective integration of traditional and complementary medicine”, stated Professor Barney Glover, Vice Chancellor WSU.

    6. 172nd Defence Pensioners Adalat in Lucknow


    ·        Shri Rajnath Singh today inaugurated the 172nd Defence Pensioners Adalat in Uttar Pradesh capital Lucknow, becoming the first Raksha Mantri to be a part of the event. The two-day Defence Pensioners Adalat aims at redressal of pension related grievances of veterans of Armed Forces and their Next of Kin residing in the all districts of Uttar Pradesh. It has been organised by Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pensions), Prayagraj in close coordination with Headquarters Central Command.

    ·        Shri Rajnath Singh appreciated the good work by Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA). He said, disbursement of Defence Pension is a complex process involving many agencies and Defence Accounts Department is working tirelessly to provide pensions in a time-bound manner. Reiterating the Government’s commitment of timely approval of pension, Raksha Mantri assured that the Defence Accounts Department will leave no stone unturned to deal with any challenges that come in the way.

    ·        Shri Rajnath Singh added that the Government fulfilled the long-standing demand of ‘One Rank One Pension’ that has benefited lakhs of Defence Pensioners across the country. He lauded the role of the veterans in nation building terming them as a source of inspiration for generations. Raksha Mantri highlighted Lucknow as the birthplace of martyrs like Captain Manoj Pandey and Company Quartermaster Havildar Abdul Hamid saying that the nation will always be indebted to their supreme sacrifice. This Defence Pensioners Adalat is a small step in that direction, he said.

    ·        In his welcome address, General Officer Commanding-in-Chief (GOC-in-C) Central Command Lt Gen I S Ghuman said, of the total 31 lakh veterans in the country, about four lakh are in Uttar Pradesh and this Defence Pensioners Adalat has been organised in Lucknow after seven years with the efforts of Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh. He said, along with pensions, Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS), job and resettlement have also been covered in the two-day event.

    ·        Controller General Defence Accounts Shri Sanjeev Mittal highlighted the developments undertaken in the Pension disbursal system. He said, Defence Accounts Department is going digital and a Comprehensive Pension Portal is about to be launched to address all pension-related grievances on one platform.


    ·        Directors of two Non Feature films at the 50th International Film Festival of India met the press in Panaji today. Director of ‘ A Thankless Job’ Vicky Barmecha, Director of ‘Bohubritta’ Utpal Dutta and its Producer Swapna Datta participated in the media conference.

    ·        Sharing the theme of his short film, Shri Vicky Barmecha said that his film is following the journey of a teacher who despite his hard work and sincerity isn’t really appreciated. “ The teacher tries to do so much for the kids’ future and experiment in his teaching. But people  around him is trying to pull him down, “ he said.

    ·        Replying to questions, the Director said that the duration of a film depends on the story to tell, the budget and the producer.

    ·        Explaining the genesis of his movie, Shri Utpal Dutta said that his film is the picturisation of a poem written by Swapna Dutta. “ Usually, prose is used for making films. But I took a poem and the images associated with it and tried to change the narrative. All the images in the film speaks like a metaphor”, he elaborated.

    ·        Complementing upon her director, Swapna Dutta said that it was a tough job bringing out the visuals in her mind to a narration. “ As I am not related to film field, it was Utpal who brought out the images from me”, she added.

    ·        Directed by Vicky Barmecha the story tells about the life of a sincere teacher who  isn’t always appreciated by the students, colleagues, parents or school authorities.Karan the protagonist is a passionate and dedicated environmental science teacher for Class IV. Feeling more and more dejected Karan is on the verge of giving up teaching, but he gets reassurance and encouragement from those who that matters the most – his students.

    ·        Bohubritta captures the poetry of Swapna Dutta Deka, who also provides the voice over by reciting the poetry herself. The film brings to the screen in a vibrant, vivid manner Assam’s rich tradition and heritage of Tree and River worship. The symbolic nuggets and nuances of the poet’s words and conveys to the viewer without any loss of their inner meanings and symbolisms. Bohubritta is a unique experience with a deep understanding of cinematic idioms and craft, seen in each frame so meticulously pictured, blended and brought out.

    8. Army dedicates Goodwill Park to Late Naib Subedar Chuni Lal


    ·        As a mark of tribute to one of the most decorated soldiers of Indian Army Late Naib Subedar Chuni Lal, an Army Goodwill Park was dedicated at his native village Bhara in Doda, Jammu and Kashmir.

    ·        The Army Goodwill Park has a statue of the martyred soldier, beside a Children park and open Gym for the villagers.

    ·        Naib Subedar Chuni Lal ACVrCSM was an Indian Army soldier of 8th battalion. The Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (8 JAK LI). He was born in Bhaderwah,[2] and lived in Bhara village in Doda district of Jammu. Decorated with Vir Chakra and Sena Medal (Gallantry),[3] JC-593527, Lal was martyr on 24 June 2007[3] in a militant flush-out operation in Kashmir’s Kupwara sector. These militants, all of whom were also shot dead, were trying to cross the Line of Control (LoC) and enter Indian territory. The success of this militant flush-out operation, which claimed his life, earned him the highest peacetime military decoration awarded for valor, courageous action or self-sacrifice away from the battlefield, the Ashok Chakra.



    1. 11th edition of Agro Vision 




    • Union Minister Nitin Gadkariinaugurating the 11th edition of Agro Vision-2019, an Agricultural exhibition at Reshimbag Ground of Nagpur, Maharashtra.
    • The 4-day event will comprise of national Agri exhibition workshop for farmers and seminars.
    • A Pavilion dedicated to Micro Small Medium Enterpriseand display of livestock will be a special attraction in Agro Vision 2019.
    • Union Minister has stressed upon the importance of Agricultural allied businesses for the development of farmers in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra.
    • Emphasizing the need for a permanent venue for training on best practices in agriculture & extension activities for the farmers in Vidarbha.



    1. Citizenship Act of 1955



    • Sections 5(1)(f) and 10(2) of the act deal with grant of citizenship and the authority of the government to cancel the same.
    • According to Section 5(1)(f), “the Central Government may, on an application made in this behalf, register as a citizen of India any person if a person of full age and capacity who, or either of his parents, was earlier citizen of independent India, and has been residing in India for one year immediately before making an application for registration.”
    • Section 10(2) says:“Subject to the provisions of this section, the Central Government may, by order, deprive any such citizen of Indian citizenship, if it is satisfied that the registration or certificate of naturalisation was obtained by means of fraud, false representation or the concealment of any material fact.”
    • Protection against arbitrary action:Section 10(3) of the Act says, “The Central Government shall not deprive a person of citizenship under this section unless it is satisfied that it is not conducive to the public good that person should continue to be a citizen of India.”




    1. Arundhati Swarna Yojana




    • The Assam government has announced the launch of ‘Arundhati Swarna Yojana’.
    • Under the scheme, the state government will offer 10 grams of gold as a gift to every adult bride who has completed at least 10th standard and has registered her marriage.
    • Note: The government will not give the gold directly but Rs. 30,000 to purchase 10 gms of gold.
    • The annual income of the bride’s family must be less than five lakh rupees to avail the scheme.
    • Minimum age should be 18 years and 21 years for the bride and bridegroom respectively.
    • The family has to register their marriage under the Special Marriage (Assam) Rules, 1954.
    • Minimum education should be 10th standard. However, minimum educational qualification criteria have been relaxed for the tribes and workers of tea gardens.
    • The eligible bride and bridegroom must apply for the scheme before the date of their wedding.







    12.       BGB detains 22 people entering Bangladesh from India

    ·     Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) detained 22 people in Moheshpur Upazila for entering Bangladesh from India .

    ·     The detainees said they are Bangladeshi citizens and they had entered India without any valid documents at various points of time in search of employment or for bringing cattle.

    ·     They were handed over to the local police and a case was filed against them.

    ·     In the past two weeks, more than 200 such people have been caught by the BGB trying to cross over to Bangladesh from India.

    ·     These Bangladeshi citizens have been working in places like Bengaluru for a long time.

    ·     However, the BGB said it was not possible to verify their addresses in Bangladesh immediately as they furnished details of remote places in Bangladesh and had no documents to support it.

    13.       Hong Kong: Record numbers vote in district council polls

    ·     In Hong Kong, a record number of voters have turned out for district council elections today, with security having been tightened around the city. Long lines formed outside polling stations for 452 seats in the city’s 18 district councils.

    ·     The City government said nearly a third of the record 4.13 million citizens registered to vote had cast their ballots within five hours of polls opening.

    ·     This vote turnout is more than double the rate seen over the same time frame during the last election in 2015.

    ·     Currently, pro-China parties hold the majority of these seats. This year’s elections are widely seen as a referendum on the popularity of the city’s chief executive after protest.

    ·     Political and social unrest in Hong Kong began in June with opposition to an extradition bill with China.

    ·     Although the bill was eventually withdrawn, the protests grew into a wider movement against the city government with demands including more direct democracy and inquires into police brutality.




    14.       Kolkata Test: India win by an innings, 46 runs against Bangladesh; Clinch series Two-Nil

    ·     India beat Bangladesh by an innings and 46 runs in the Day and Night Pink ball Test to win the series 2-0 at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata today. The victory in the second Test records a 12th home series win in a row. India had earlier won the first Test against Bangladesh by an innings and 130 runs in Indore.

    ·     After bundling out  Bangladesh for 103 on the first day of the second Test, India declared their first innings at 347 for nine. Bangladesh resumed their second innings at 152 for six on day three and trailing India by 89 runs.

    ·     Hosts bowled out the visitors for 195 runs to register win in the historic match. Umesh Yadav claimed 5 wickets while Ishant Sharma took four wickets. Ishant took a five wicket haul in first innings too.

    ·     The game will also be remembered for Virat Kohli’s 27th Test ton, extending his overall tally to 70 international hundreds.

    15.       Under-15 Asian Championships: Indian wrestlers win eight gold medals at Chinese Taipei

    ·     In wrestling, Indians grapplers continued their golden rush at the Under-15 Asian Wrestling Championships in Taichung, Chinese Taipei, clinching six gold medals yesterday. In freestyle, Akash performed brilliantly to beat Daiki Ogawa of Japan in the 48kg category.

    ·     In Greco-Roman category, Ankit Gulia defeated Korganov of Kazakhstan to win the gold in the 68kg while Chirag Dhalia clinched a gold by winning both his bouts in 75kg.

    ·     Three Indian girls – Saloni in 33kg, Babli in 36kg and Komal in 39kg also performed brilliantly to win gold medals for the country.

    ·     The Indian contingent now has a total of eight gold medals after beginning their campaign with a couple of gold on Friday.

    ·     India lead the team rankings list with 125 points, followed by Kazakhstan with 120.


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