• Current Affairs Quiz, 2 December 2019

    • December 2, 2019
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    #1 1. King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia will arrive in India in December 2019. They belong to which country?

    #2 2. India and Saudi Arabia signed how many agreements during PM Narendra Modi’s visit to Saudi Arabia?

    #3 3. The US House of Representatives recently recognized the mass extermination of these people, conducted between 1915-1917 as genocide?

    #4 4. The ICC has imposed a two-year ban on which among the following cricketers for failing to report a corrupt approach?

    #5 5. World Cities Day is observed globally every year on?

    #6 6. 2nd Assembly of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) will be hosted by which country?

    #7 7. Which city will host the 2nd Assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA)?

    #8 8. Which country has recently signed an agreement to establish a high level strategic partnership council with India?

    #9 9. Which country’s PM recently resigned after nationwide protests against tax provisions on using WhatsApp and Facebook?

    #10 10. Who has become the third Indian batsman to enter the top list in all formats of cricket?

    #11 11. National Unity Day is celebrated in India on?

    #12 12. The Union Government recently relaxed the norms for setting up Petrol Pumps. As per the norms, which companies will be allowed to run Petrol Pumps?

    #13 13. Which among the following became the first kerosene-free district of Gujarat?

    #14 14. World’s oldest known natural pearl was discovered off which city’s coast?

    #15 15. Haryana Assembly Election 2019 was held in how many constituencies?

    #16 16. The Ayurveda Palliative Care Unit was inaugurated recently in which city?

    #17 17. Which State Government recently agreed to implement the Central scheme PM-KISAN?

    #18 18. The Police Commemoration Day was observed across India on?

    #19 19. Under Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath flagship scheme Kanya Sumangla Yojna, how much will amount Will be provided ?

    #20 20. Who is the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir?


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