• Current Affairs Quiz, 5 November 2019

    #1 1. The 3rd edition of Global Ayurveda Summit 2019 was held in ?

    #2 2. Which country’s Nuclear Submarine test fires Ballistic Missile from White Sea?

    #3 3. Pinarayi Vijayan is the Chief Minister of which state?

    #4 4. Sanjeev Nandan Sahai appointed as Secretary, Ministry of ?

    #5 5. Arif Mohammed Khan is the Governor of which state?

    #6 6. White Sea is Surrounded by which country?

    #7 7. The 35th ASEAN Summit began in ?

    #8 8. East Asia Summit (EAS) will be held in?

    #9 9. Regional Comprehensive Economic Summit ( RCEP) ) will be held in?

    #10 10. How many member countries are there in ASEAN?

    #11 10. How many member countries are there in ASEAN?

    #12 11. What is India’s ranking in latest FIFA rankings?

    #13 12. Which country topped in latest FIFA rankings?

    #14 13. India to play first day-night Test with which country at Eden Gardens?

    #15 14. Eden Gardens cricket Ground is located in which city?

    #16 15. Who is the new President of BCCI?

    #17 16. Who was named in IOC’s 2020 Olympics athlete ambassadors group?

    #18 17. Headquarters of International Olympic Committee (IOC) is located at?

    #19 18. Gurudas Dasgupta who recently passed away, beloned to which political Party?

    #20 19. The worlds’ first blockchain-based carbon trading exchange started in?

    #21 20. India has taken inspiration from which country’s success in the field of human milk bank decided to adopt a similar model in creating a wide network of human milk banks?



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