• Current Affairs Quiz, 7 November 2019

    • November 7, 2019
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    #1 1. Lakshya Sen is associated with which sports?

    #2 2. What is the rank of Lakshya Sen in the latest BWF Badminton rankings released in October 2019?

    #3 3. India and Germany signed how many MoUs during German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s two-day visit to India?

    #4 4. India and Germany signed how many joint declarations of intent during German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s two-day visit to India?

    #5 5. In November 2019, the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) has signed MoU with which of the following banks for payment-related services?

    #6 6. Which ministry launched the GeM initiative to offer a one-stop platform that provides an online procurement of common use goods and services?

    #7 7. Which of the following will set up a space technology cell in collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)?

    #8 8. Where did Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel co-chair the 5th InterGovernmental Consultations (IGC) in November 2019?

    #9 9. 2nd Assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA) was held in ?

    #10 10. International Solar Alliance (ISA) was established in which year?

    #11 11. Who is the Current Director General of International Solar Alliance (ISA) ?

    #12 12. The first-ever containerised cargo movement via Indo-Bangladesh protocol route and Brahmaputra river will start from ?

    #13 13. National Waterway 2 (NW-2) is on which River?

    #14 14. National Waterway 2 (NW-2) is a section of the Brahmaputra River having a length of 891 km between the Bangladesh border near Dhubri and Sadiya in which state?

    #15 15. Which country launched a new highresolution remote sensing satellite capable of providing stereoscopic imagery?

    #16 16. International Canoe Federation Dragon Boat World Cup being held in which country?

    #17 17. Which country won the gold medal at International Canoe Federation Dragon Boat World Cup 2019?

    #18 18. Who sealed his sixth world drivers’ title with second place in the United States Grand Prix?

    #19 19. As per the World Gold Council’s (WGC) data, which country has the largest gold holding with 8133.5 tonnes?

    #20 20. The 5th India International Science Festival (IISF) will be held in?


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